Facilities Terms & Conditions

  1. Application for booking of facilities is on a "First-Come-First Served" basis. Each booking is subject to a minimum of 2 hours except for the Hall of Trust which has a minimum of 3 hours per booking. Upon submission of application, a booking reference number will be allocated.
  2. Applicants are required to state the exact purpose of activity for which the facility is being used for. This includes a clear description of the nature of activity and target audience. Non-profit activities held at the facilities must be in line with the mission of OnePeople.sg. For activities which are dialogues or forums in nature, applicants are to indicate details of speakers.
  3. No partisan or political activities are allowed and the facilities are to be used for the specific purpose as applied.
  4. No religious activities in any form, with the exception of approved OnePeople.sg interfaith activities, are allowed in the premises.
  5. All applications for booking of facilities are subject to Management's approval. The outcome of the application will be made known within 3 working days after the date of submission of booking. Approvals will be communicated via email. Applications with incomplete/inaccurate registration details will be rejected.
  6. The applicant is only allowed to book the facilities up to a maximum of 3 months in advance.
  7. All approved activities must end by the stipulated time as stated in the application form. Additional room rental fee per block of half hour will be charged for use of facilities ending after the stipulated time slot.
  8. For approved block booking of facilities over a series of dates, the cancellation of individual events is not allowed. It is advisable not to block book the facilities if dates are not confirmed.
  9. An additional cleaning fee of up to $100.00 will be charged for booking of Auditorium and Amphitheatre.
  10. 50% of the total booking charges will be incurred if cancellations are made less than 3 days from the commencement of the date of the event.
  11. A full booking charge will be incurred if the cancellation is made on the actual day or after.
  12. Payment for booking(s) must be made in full preferably by cheque within 7 working days once the booking(s) is approved. For short notice booking(s) which is less than one week, payment has to be made the next working day upon approval. The booking(s) will be cancelled if the payment is not received within the above-mentioned grace period.
  13. Payment by cheque has to be made payable to "OnePeople.sg".
  14. All approved bookings are strictly non-transferable.
  15. The applicant has to provide his/her own whiteboard marker and duster. No permanent marker should be used. Any cost incurred to erase the permanent marker's ink will be borne by the applicant.
  16. 'Blu-tack' should be used for putting up printed or any other materials on the wall.
  17. The applicant is to provide the supply of electricity with his own generator, if necessary.
  18. The applicant is responsible for the arrangement of tables and chairs for the said activity. Upon event completion, all tables and chairs should be stored at the assigned location. Tentage erection at the Amphitheatre or external premises must be removed within 24 hours after event completion.
  19. Applicants are only allowed to enter the facilities half an hour prior to event commencement. The air-conditioner should not be switched on during the preparation stage. Applicants are advised to book the facility for the required time for preparation of the event if it exceeds half an hour.
  20. No parking facilities are provided at OnePeople.sg.
  21. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all facilities.
  22. The applicant is responsible for any damages to/and cleanliness of the facilities during use. The cost of repair, if any, will be borne by the applicant. To ensure cleanliness, all caterers must clear the food and any waste upon completion of event. A fine not exceeding $200.00 will be imposed on the applicant if the facility being used is found to be unclean.
  23. The applicant is responsible for ensuring orderliness and good conduct of his/her guests and/or participants at all times.
  24. Applicants who violate any of the above rules and regulations will render themselves liable to be evicted from OnePeople.sg premises or prohibited from future usage.
  25. The Management reserves the right to reject or cancel any application even after confirmation of booking(s) without assigning any reason. However, the Management will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to the parties affected. In such an event, the booking charges paid for the use of the facility will be refunded in full to the payee and no other claims whatsoever will be entertained.
  26. The Management reserves the right to reallocate the booking to other room(s) available in the event that the intended room(s) is not available for use due to unforeseen circumstances.
  27. OnePeople.sg shall not be responsible for any damages, loss of property, injury or death in the course of the function being organised.
  28. The Management reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations from time to time without assigning any reason.