acts as a catalyst to facilitate deeper understanding of race relations. Our youth-driven initiatives foster an appreciation for diversity and nurture cross-cultural exchanges. We provide a conducive environment for youths from different cultural backgrounds to learn about diversity, dialogue, build friendships, and lead racial harmony efforts. Our desire through these approaches is to develop youths to be advocates and ambassadors.

If you are interested in any of the programmes below, we welcome you to write to to register your interest. Thank you for your support.

HarmonyWorks! Conference’s HarmonyWorks! Conference is a signature youth-driven initiative which explores key trends and issues of race relations in Singapore. This annual youth-led conference provides a platform for youths to speak their thoughts and gather insights on pertinent issues concerning race and religious relations. Participants are engaged by academics, political and community leaders on current trends and developments. 

The conference for 2023, themed “Me to We”, delved into a shift from individual or group-centric perspectives to collective identity and interests. Breakout sessions were held in the morning and engagement with the Guest of Honour, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, then former Senior Minister, was held in the afternoon. Model United Nations (OPMUN)

The annual OPSG Model United Nations (OPMUN) Conference is a youth-for-youth initiative that simulates UN Committees with students role-playing as delegates. This is the only conference in the Model United Nations circuit that has a key focus on racial and religious issues in Singapore. 

This Conference allows youths to take on roles as local agencies and governmental bodies to
discuss policy and ground issues concerning race relations and develop values of diplomacy and consensus building.

Leading up to the conference, our youth volunteers get trained in the EiE Facilitator Course. Equipped with the necessary facilitation skills, our youth volunteers will then moderate council discussions as well as sessions with Subject Matter Experts and religious leaders to broaden the participants’ understanding on key tenets of diverse faiths in Singapore.

In addition, our youth volunteers also champion advocacy projects, exploring a range of issues pertaining to race relations in Singapore.


CultureScope is a narrative-based learning journey that offers participants a safe setting to widen their understanding about Singapore’s diverse cultural and religious landscape.  

Participants embark on an experiential learning journey to relevant cultural and/or religious sites in this programme. They are then engaged in conversations with community stakeholders on site. The reflective observations, and narratives gathered form the basis for reflections and how these are applied in our daily lives.

Explorations in Ethnicity (EiE)
Basic Course

The EiE Basic Course adopts an experiential learning approach to encourage honest, open and unreserved discourse on difficult issues of race in a multi-racial setting. The programme explores the dynamics of cross-cultural relations through personal narratives, facilitated discussions and activities. It provides a platform to address stereotypes and misconceptions. 

This volunteer-driven initiative is targeted at youths from the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Explorations in Ethnicity (EiE)
Facilitator Course

The EiE Facilitator Course equips participants with the framework, knowhow and exposure to steer discussions on difficult issues of race in a safe space. Participants will also learn about conversation models in mooting respectful dialogue in bridging gaps. 

Graduates of the course are encouraged to facilitate other sessions in our EiE Basic Course or other similar advocacy projects. 

This programme is relevant to youths as well as adults and educators.

Experiential Conversations Experiential Conversations provides an avenue for frank and constructive discussion on deeper issues about race in a trusted and safe space. Held in an informal setting, the programme aims to explore one’s openness to ethnic and religious diversity and enhance individual’s understanding of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations.

The engagement model of an Experiential Conversations comprises of establishing norms of respect, trust and confidentiality within the group setting, taking an on the spot survey which gauges one’s
openness to diversity and bringing forth diverse views and perspectives from the participants.