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Cyclovation is a combination of the words ‘recycle’ and ‘innovation’. Cyclovation is a project organised by the Youth Wing members members to promote cultural appreciation and environmental education. This project will be one of the activities at the Heritage Kampung event organised by Ground-Up-Initiative (a volunteer-driven non-profit community).

Come discover and experience traditional games played by some of our ethnic communities through the ages! Work with your team-mates to overcome mini obstacles and at the same time, show some care for the environment. In conjunction with the Heritage Kampung organised by Grond-Up-Initiative, Youth Wing members are organising 2 competitions: The mini-amazing race and sculpture competition to engage young children (aged 9 to 16) appreciate Mother Earth and our traditional cultures through fun and engaging ways.

The event aims to promote environmental education and foster positive interaction among youths of different races. Cyclovation consists of i) Mini-Amazing Race Competition and ii) Sculpture Competition, where participants would learn more about our environment and culture of other races through traditional games and by expressing their creativity.

  • Mini Amazing Race – Play cultural games such as Bunny Sack, Five Stone, Spinning tops, Capteh! Team up with your (primary school) friends from different races and compete in a friendly game of amazing race @ Bottle Tree Park!
  • Sculpture Competition – They would come together and make a sculpture with recycled materials such as newspapers, plastic bottles, metal cans, magazines and cardboard boxes. Team up with your (secondary school) friends from different races and compete in making the most creative and formidable sculpture!

So come, bring your friends and family and take a shot at the games we have organised for you!

About Youth Wing members

Together, the youth volunteers came up with the project ideas during the camp and have finally put their ideas into action! Cyclovation is a brand new project and the youth volunteers hope to promote environmental education, and foster positive interaction among youths of different races through fun and engaging ways. They are guided by mentors from (Email: as part of their efforts to develop youth leadership and commitment in promoting racial harmony and social cohesion.

For more information about the main event (Heritage Kampung), please log on to

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