Terrorism Is Not a Religion!, 8 October 2016

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The learning journey organised by OnePeople.sg focuses on the global threat of extremism.  What are the current challenges and how can we remain cohesive in light of uncertainties.  It showcases ground-up efforts to tackle radicalisation in the community. Participants will get to discuss racial and religious issues which may have a profound impact on the ground and our diverse society.

Participants will visit the Resource and Counselling Centre of the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) which is housed within the premises of Khadijah Mosque.  With the ISIS threat extending its reach into Southeast Asia, Singapore and her neighbours face threats of terrorist attacks and the radicalisation of a segment of our Muslim population. How has this affected our security, and what have we done to combat terrorism? The visit will include a dialogue on the threat of terrorism on social cohesion with a key member of RRG where participants will better understand the ground-up efforts to tackle extremism and the resources available.

Terrorism is not a religion.  Join us for an experiential session!

Workshop Objectives

  • Building a network of trust in the community
  • How members can play a pivotal role in preventing racial and religious tensions from fraying our social fabric

Programme Outline

  • Guided tour of the resource and counselling centre at RRG
  • Why there was a need to form the RRG
  • RRG’s main function
  • What is Terrorism?
  • History & Categories
  • Singapore’s Experience & Response
  • The Islamic position on extremism and radicalization
  • Discuss cases that have affected our society
  • Is Terrorism solely Islam-centric

Target Audience

  • Community Stakeholders
  • Community Leaders
  • Religious Groups
  • Residents
Event Details

Date: 8 October 2016
Time: 9am – 1.30pm
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