HarmonyWorks! Conference 22 July 2017

 In 2017, HarmonyWorks! Conference

This is OnePeople.sg’s 10th year anniversary where youths explored concepts of identity and advocacy. The theme of the conference is “This is Our Story” discussed the key drivers of our Singapore identity in the context of current challenges and changes to our social fabric. The Conference surfaced issues such as; how does our existing narrative on racial harmony acclimatise with the increased presence of new and naturalised citizens and how can youths play a pivotal role in driving the racial harmony movement forward.

It also explored the role of youths in inculcating shared values to solidify our national identity and truly making Singapore our home – a place where we work, live and play. The Conference probed issues such as how we look at our behaviours, attitudes and shared experiences to build trust and respect in our diverse community. To this end, the Conference had gathered views from youths on the story they wish to define in shaping the ideals of harmony for the future.

The Conference provided a timely opportunity for participants to discuss concepts of a shared identity and how can youths play a key role in writing the next chapter as advocates.

A trigger segment prior to the breakout session prepared the participants for more robust and insightful discussions.

“Different groups will cross paths once in a while but exist in separate social circles, this is “not what we mean by social cohesion” – PM Lee (Dec 2011 news.asiaone.com/news)
Event Details

The objectives of the Conference are as follows:

  • To reflect on the past years of nation building
  • To reflect and elicit youths’ views on whether Singapore has reached a truly racially harmonious state in the past years;
  • To raise awareness on challenges concerning communal cohesion in increasingly diversified Singapore and bring forth narratives of youths on what they see as ideals of harmony for the future and ;
  • Inspire and equip youth participants with the mind set and attitude to take ownership on resolving some of the issues that Singapore may face in the next phase of nation building in terms of racial harmony and social cohesion.
  • To identify a core group of advocates who wish to pursue the cause with OPSG


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