HarmonyWorks! Conference 2011: Home: Joint HOpes, shared MEmories

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In line with the Ministry of Education’s call to seek how youths view Singapore as their home and the memories they have, the HarmonyWorks! Conference 2011 followed the same theme “Home: Joint HOpes, shared MEmories”.

535 youths from various secondary schools, ITEs, Junior Colleges, Madrasahs, Polytechnics , international schools and Nanyang Technological University attended the conference on the 9th of July 2011 at The Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre (TRCC). The conference sort to seek out views from the youth on the Singapore Spirit, apathy among youths and how Service-Learning can empower youths in the racial harmony movement.

We get to share about service-learning and contributed to racial harmony as we helped out in this event. We bonded with one another through this experience. We feel that this theme is about shared memories as each of us has the same views and we all share common goals. We hope that the racial harmony in Singapore will be strengthened after this event.

~ Republic Polytechnic facilitators

We enjoyed the session. The stories which were being told to us were funny and at the same time, gave us something to ponder about. We don’t regret attending this conference as not only does it give me the chance to mingle with students from other schools, we are now more aware of the racial harmony in Singapore.

~ Chong Boon Secondary Students

The Conference was organised in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic Service-Learning Club and with strong support from Singapore Polytechnic School of Business. More than 150 student volunteers, performers and youth facilitators also contributed in making the Conference a success. Participants had the opportunity to voice their views on the topic and engage guests during the dialogue session. Led by Mdm Halimah Yacob, Minister of State for Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, the pinning of the orange ribbon at the HarmonyWorks! Conference 2011 signifies the launch of the month-long Orange Ribbon Celebrations spearheaded by OnePeople.sg (OPSG).

Furthermore, there was a release of the storybook “Virtues of Harmony” which comprise of stories from different faiths by the Inter-religious Harmony Circle.

We found it an interesting talk as we learnt that racism can be easily prevented just by accepting each other’s differences. We feel that this theme is relevant to the conference and we also got to know about things we would not have thought about. In school, we have several N.E.-related events. We are having a bazaar this year that has a theme also related to Racial Harmony.

~ Chestnut Drive Secondary students

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