Facilitation Skills, 27 Feb 2016

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Facilitation Skills

Facilitation is the art and science of helping groups be more effective in their meetings and decision-making. The tools and processes applied in facilitation encourage groups to use their diverse backgrounds, values, interests and capabilities to make higher quality decisions, increase their productivity, and improve their group dynamics. In short, facilitation enhances the interactions between individuals and groups in order to focus on results.

Workshop Objectives

Use of positive language and framework for responding to the following scenarios:

  • To increase ownership and avoid blame.
  • Ability to affirm and deal with the emotions that build self-esteem and confidence

Practice active listening and asking questions to draw out the sharing of personal stories from participants in small groups to increase authenticity and engagement during discussion.

Workshop Outline

Facilitators serve as guides, leaders and enablers. They play an important part in a well-run meeting by ensuring the meeting is productive, focused, inclusive and effective.

Facilitators have skills in planning agendas, creating productive group environments, developing appropriate group processes, encouraging participation, and leading the group to reach its desired outcomes.

This course will provide IRCC members with an overview of their roles and responsibilities as a facilitator. It will also equip them with tips, techniques and the dos and don’ts of facilitation.

  • Entry Survey
  • 6 types of Questions & Wandering Flipcharts
  • Facilitation Skills/Core Practices
  • ‘SIODA‘ Framework for Managing Difficult Situations
  • Reflection & Closing
Event Details
Date: 27 February 2016
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