OnePeople.sg acts as a catalyst to facilitate deeper understanding of race relations. Our youth driven initiatives foster an appreciation for diversity and nurture cross-cultural exchanges. We provide a conducive environment for youths from different cultural backgrounds to learn about diversity, dialogue, build friendships and lead racial harmony efforts. Our desire through these approaches is to develop youths to be advocates and ambassadors.

If you are interested in any of the programmes below, we welcome you to write to enquiry@onepeople.sg to register your interest. Thank you for your support.



The programme gives an opportunity for a safe space for educators to explore elements of the community which contribute towards the building the strength of our social fabric.  Participants embark on an experiential learning journey and engage in conversations with community stakeholders on site. The reflective observation and narratives gathered will form the basis for reflections and how can this be applied in our daily lives. Educators can then translate these learning outcomes as to how Racial Harmony Day can be celebrated in schools.



OnePeople.sg’s HarmonyWorks! Conference is a signature youth-driven initiative which explores key trends and issues of race relations in Singapore. This annual youth conference provides a platform for youths to speak their thoughts and gather insights on pertinent issues concerning race and religious relations. Participants are engaged by academics, political and community leaders on current trends and developments.

This year’s conference, themed “Kampung 2.0: Weaving Multiple Identities, Forging Common Ground”, seeks to discuss lessons from the past and ways we can look ahead with a renewed kampung spirit as we tackle current realities and future challenges. Breakout sessions will be held in the morning and engagement with the Guest of Honour will be held in the afternoon.

OnePeople.sg Model United Nations (OPMUN)


OnePeople.sg Model UN was established in 2015, focusing on local issues and championing racial and religious harmony in Singapore. Unlike traditional Model UN conferences which focus on global topics that are issues on the agenda of the actual United Nations, OPMUN simulates local agencies and
governmental bodies instead of UN bodies and international organisations, allowing delegates to take a unique perspective on issues and enjoy a refreshingly different Model UN experience.

Moving to December for the first time in 2019, OPMUN seeks to realign its focus on staff development, going out of the way to bring an entirely new and exciting, opportunity filled leadership and educational journey for its chairs, hoping to shape its staff into Experts of their Fields and Advocates of Harmony. Apart from this, delegate experience will also be enhanced as OPMUN will be four days instead of three, allowing for more interaction
and debate as well as the invitation of guest speakers for each council.

Explorations In Ethnicity (EIE)

Explorations in Ethnicity (EiE), a youth-for-youth initiative adopts an experiential learning approach with an avenue for self-reflection as well as honest examination and dialogue on cross-cultural relations. This volunteer-driven initiative is targeted at post-secondary youth and young working adults.

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The Facilitator Course equips youths with the knowledge and skills needed to engage youths on discussing inter-ethnic issues in the face of a changing community landscape.

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The Basic Course provides youth a conducive platform for a stimulating discourse on inter-ethnic relations. Youths learn about concepts of multiracialism and enhance their cultural sensitivities and outlook on inter-racial relations through experiential learning.

Experiential Conversations

OnePeople.sg Experiential Conversations provides an avenue for frank and constructive discussion on deeper issues about race in a trusted and safe space. Held in an informal setting, the programme aims to explore one’s openness to ethnic and religious diversity and enhance individual’s  understanding of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations. The engagement model of an Experiential Conversations comprises of establishing norms of respect, trust and confidentiality within the group setting, taking an on the spot survey which gauges one’s openness to diversity and bringing forth diverse views and perspectives from the participants.

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