OnePeople.sg acts as a catalyst to facilitate deeper understanding of race relations. Our youth driven initiatives foster an appreciation for diversity and nurture cross-cultural exchanges. We provide a conducive environment for youths from different cultural backgrounds to learn about diversity, dialogue, build friendships and lead racial harmony efforts. Our desire through these approaches is to develop youths to be advocates and ambassadors.



CultureScope is a narrative-driven learning journey that enables participants to understand our cultural and religious landscape by having first-hand conversations with community and religious hosts in a safe setting. Using the 3-P Approach (People, Perspectives and Place), each site has a ‘local’ gatekeeper such as a faith practitioner, local resident or religious leader who shares personal stories and key aspects of the faith or culture with participants.

HarmonyWorks! Conference 2019


HarmonyWorks! Conference continues to be OPSG’s flagship programme for youths from post- secondary institutions. The Conference provides a safe platform for students to share personal narratives, as well as gather insights and opinions on inter-racial and religious issues in Singapore.

Orange Ribbon Engagement Kit


The Orange Ribbon is adopted by OnePeople.sg as a symbol of racial harmony promoting respect, understanding, trust and friendship. In conjunction with Racial Harmony Celebrations in 2019, each Primary 4 student was given an Orange Ribbon message card to write their personal wishes for another friend.

Facilitated Conversations


With the support of the Ministry of Education’s Character and Citizenship Education Branch (MOE CCEB), OPSG’s Facilitated Conversations reached out to over 5,000 participants from 17 institutions including Junior Colleges, Institutes of Technical Education, NUS High and School of the Arts (SOTA) in 2019.

OnePeople.sg Model United Nations (OPMUN)


OPMUN is a youth-for-youth initiative led by the Youth Advocates under OnePeople.sg. The Conference simulates UN Committees with students role-playing as delegates. It is the only Conference in the MUN circuit with a key focus on racial and religious issues in Singapore as participants from diverse backgrounds come together to discuss and develop values of diplomacy and consensus-building. The fifth edition of OPMUN themed “Champions of Society” took place from 10th to 13th December 2019 at Yishun Innova Junior College and reached out to 260 participants and 70 youth volunteers across 55 schools.

OPMUN 2019 placed greater emphasis on advocacy and youth leadership besides the usual academic rigour of debating policy issues. Several new initiatives were introduced to develop the OPMUN Youth Leaders and enhance the engagement of the Conference including developing facilitation skills through OPSG’s Explorations-in-Ethnicity Facilitators Course and introducing advocacy elements to reach out to fellow youths. The Conference also featured an engagement with religious leaders to widen participants’ exposure to religious diversity and and consultations with subject matter experts to have a better understanding of policy issues. A total of nine advocacy projects were carried by the OPMUN 2019 Council.

Camp Ignite! 2019: Crystalline


Camp Ignite! is driven by OPSG’s Youth Advocates with the aim of inspiring cross-cultural education and youth advocacy. With the theme ‘Crystalline’ serving as an inspiration, Camp Ignite! 2019 took place from 6th to 8th June with a total of 94 participants from 15 schools, mostly in the 13 –15 age group. 15 volunteers supported the engagement.

Explorations In Ethnicity (EIE)


OPSG organises the EiE Facilitator Course to equip participants with the framework, knowhow and exposure to steer discussions on difficult issues of race. As a peer-to-peer engagement model, participants who complete the Basic Course and wish to contribute further are trained as facilitators.

During the year, 88 new facilitators comprising youths and working adults from diverse backgrounds were developed through the course.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 4.54.00 pm

The Facilitator Course equips youths with the knowledge and skills needed to engage youths on discussing inter-ethnic issues in the face of a changing community landscape.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 4.54.12 pm

The Basic Course provides youth a conducive platform for a stimulating discourse on inter-ethnic relations. Youths learn about concepts of multiracialism and enhance their cultural sensitivities and outlook on inter-racial relations through experiential learning.

Experiential Conversations

OnePeople.sg Experiential Conversations provides an avenue for frank and constructive discussion on deeper issues about race in a trusted and safe space. Held in an informal setting, the programme aims to explore one’s openness to ethnic and religious diversity and enhance individual’s  understanding of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations. The engagement model of an Experiential Conversations comprises of establishing norms of respect, trust and confidentiality within the group setting, taking an on the spot survey which gauges one’s openness to diversity and bringing forth diverse views and perspectives from the participants.

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