EIE FACILITATOR COURSE (13, 14, 16 & 17 October 2014)

 In Explorations in Ethnicity, Past Events

In collaboration with Character and Citizenship Branch, MOE, participants comprising of 1st and 2nd year students from Nanyang and Singapore Polytechnics attended the EiE Facilitator course. There was a good mix of representations from ethnic and religious groups. The takeaways were touching and encouraging.


Some of the lessons learnt are:

We should realize how we all stereotype and how this has consequences to us and others.

We should restrain our tendency to stereotype.

We should strive to have friends from diverse backgrounds – Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans . We can learn so much from each other.

Everyone is unique . Find out more about them and their circumstances before judging them.

Respect everyone.

We must have the courage to stand up for what we believe and not just go along with others when they express their racist and bigoted comments or behaviour.

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