EiE Basic Course for NTU Students

 In Explorations in Ethnicity, Past Events

67 student leaders from Nanyang Technological University attended the EiE Basic Course held from 29-30 Sep 2012. The course aims to provide a platform to stimulate honest, open and unreserved sharing on ethnicity issues in a multi-racial setting.

The students were separated into 3 groups to facilitate sharing and build a sense of camaraderie among the group members. Led by 2 dedicated facilitators per group, the students went on their journey of self-discovery and exploration that opened their minds to the nuances and challenges of living in multi-racial and multi-cultural Singapore.

Highlights of the program include the 4-way rope activity (tug of war), community drumming as well as the sharing of their life journey, all of which enabled them to view issues from different perspectives. The activities also created a bond among them so they were better able to understand, appreciate and trust one another.

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