EiE Basic Course (26-27 May 2012)

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80 student leaders from Nanyang Polytechnic attended the EiE Basic Course held from 26-27 May 2012. The aim of course is to provide a platform to stimulate honest, open and unreserved sharing on ethnicity issues in a multi-racial setting.

The students were separated into 6 smaller groups for easier sharing as well as to build a strong sense of camaraderie amongst each other. Each group was led by 2 dedicated facilitators who aided the students in their journey of self-discovery and exploration that opened their minds to the nuances and challenges of living in multi-racial and multi-cultural Singapore.

Highlights of the program include the 4-way rope activity (tug of war), community drumming as well as the sharing of their life journey, all of which truly enabled them to see from the different perspectives. The activities also created a bond among them so they were better able to understand, appreciate and trust one another.

Facilitators are good and entertaining. Through this course, I learn more about other races and have a better perspective about racial problems in Singapore.

~ Daniel Lim Yu Xuan

This course is a chance for me to interact with more races and people from various religions and to have a deeper understanding about racial issues in Singapore. I like Life Journey part which opens my mind a lot.

~ Nadhrah bte Norzaini

We should strive to have friends from diverse backgrounds – Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans . We can learn so much from each other.

This course helps me to be exposed to differences among different races and, make new friends and learn about trusting one another.

~ Nursyafeezah Bte Rosnan

Each race has its own unique attribute. By going through this programme; we learn what is special about each race. It is indeed good.

~ Sharmila

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