Dialogue on “Threat of Terrorism on Social Cohesion”

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Bitmap 3_thumbOn 19 March, 2016, a dialogue was held at the Boon Lay Community Centre on the “Threat of Terrorism on Social Cohesion.” The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) was invited to share on the threat of extremism, the role of RRG in mitigating this issue and what the various community leaders can do to maintain social cohesion in light of the current climate.

The participants were mainly community and grassroots leaders within Boon Lay constituency and also upper secondary students from River Valley High School. To grace the dialogue, we had Mr Patrick Tay BBM, Adviser to Boon Lay GROs and IRCC and Member of Parliament for West Coast GRC. The dialogue session ended with an interesting Q&A where participants were given the opportunity to clarify their doubts and also clear misconceptions on terrorism.

“Start and initiate the spreading of correct mentality and approach towards terrorism. Start young to make friends. Go beyond just superficial stuff to achieve social cohesion.”

– Mr Sherman Ng, River Valley High School

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