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For the 4th year running, OPSG extended the CultureScope programme to students and educators across schools in Singapore. CultureScope is a narrative-driven learning journey that enables participants to understand our cultural and religious landscape by having first-hand conversations with community and religious hosts in a safe setting. Using the 3-P Approach (People, Perspectives and Place), each site has a ‘local’ gatekeeper such as a faith practitioner, local resident or religious leader who shares personal stories and key aspects of the faith or culture with participants.

CultureScope reached out to over 400 students from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Hougang Secondary School, and Chung Cheng High School (Main), as well as close to 500 educators from North Vista Primary School, Dunman Secondary School, Peiying Primary School, New Town Primary School, and Rosyth School. Notably, CultureScope (Bicentennial Edition) was also launched in support of Singapore’s Bicentennial Year which comprised visits to historical sites of worship established since the 1800s.

Participants found the programme enriching. It provided them an opportunity to learn more about diverse cultures and religions through authentic conversations. Many also appreciated the personal narratives shared by the hosts and the safe space to ask sensitive questions, leading to eye-opening discoveries.

“We are very lucky to live in Singapore where all religions are free to practice their faiths and above all, are eager to welcome and have conversations with people of different religions.” – Suzanah, Educator, Peiying Primary School

“Everyone has different beliefs but we still accept one another and that is a very beautiful thing in Singapore. I hope the world can be like this too.” – Phoebe Lim, Student, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

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