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Answers for Culture Quest Quiz 4

1. The percentage of inter-ethnic marriages in Singapore has increased from just over 15 per cent in 2006 to over __ per cent in 2016.

a. 25 per cent
b. 40 per cent
c. 32 per cent
d. 20 per cent

Ans: D – There has been an increasing trend of interethnic marriages in Singapore – from just over 15 per cent in 2006 to over 20 per cent in 2016.

2. Which of the following are among the prominent food icons for the Hainanese dialect group in Singapore?
a. Kaya Toast and Chicken Rice
b. Fish and Chips
c. Laksa and Popiah
d. Abacus Seeds and Steamed fish

Ans: A – For the Hainanese, chicken rice and kaya toast are two of the more prominent food icons. Other iconic Hainanese dishes include curry rice and mutton soup.

3. What is Gotong Royong in the Malay culture?
a. A type of feast typically prepared for festive occasions
b. A unique musical style that involves singing poetic verses
c. A social concept of mutual aid and reciprocity
d. A form of indigenous martial arts

Ans: C – Gotong royong refers to the concept of mutual aid and reciprocity within the family and kin system. It is specifically apparent in the act of rewang, which means “help”, particularly at a kenduri (ceremonial function).

4. In Singapore, Valakaapu, commonly known as the “safety bangle ceremony”, is performed for Tamil mothers-to-be to, ward them from the “evil eye”, ensure a healthy birth, and soothe any anxiety the family might possess about the upcoming birth.
a. True
b. False

Ans: A – The Valakaapu ceremony is carried out during the third trimester of pregnancy and is meant to ward off evil spirits. It also aims to ensure a healthy birth from a psychological point of view.

5. What is a popular ingredient used in the dish “Eurasian fried rice” in Singapore?
a. Long beans
b. Corned beef
c. Spinach
d. Assam

Ans: B – Recently, there has been a renewed interest in modern Singaporean Eurasian food. One of these, Eurasian fried rice, includes egg, cabbage, and corned beef, which is a popular ingredient among Eurasians.

All contents adapted from “The Singapore Ethnic Mosaic – Many Cultures, One People”

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