Core in Relationships & Peacebuilding Workshop (Pilot)

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How am I a problem for others?

How am I able to be more helpful to others?

How do I help things go right?

These are some of the issues participants of the inaugural Core in Relationships & Peacebuilding workshop would address. The workshop tackles the problem we don’t see, going beyond behaviour and ways of being. The participants also get to know the source of conflict, the consequence that changes everything and the flags for justifying our negative actions. Would our choices honour or betray our own senses? Can we truly be an instrument for peace based on our choices? How do we invite peace?

With lively discussions and activities, the participants learned a whole new thing or two about themselves, and what they had been practising all along.

The workshop is organised by in collaboration with The Arbinger Institute, Singapore.

“Great course, highly applicable in many aspects of life” – Mr Huang Huat Hin, Yio Chu Kang IRCC

“Very well delivered. I totally enjoyed the learning journey” – Ms Anne Goh, Rep of International Baptist Church / Ulu Pandan IRCC

“Well planned and there were lively interactions and exchange of ideas throughout the workshop session” – Mr George Khng, Jalan Besar IRCC

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