COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT organises a series of programmes to effectively engage and build the capabilities and capacities of our stakeholders in the promotion of racial harmony. works with community partners to strengthen its reach and supports worthwhile public education efforts organised by the community, religious or grassroots groups to promote racial and religious harmony.

If you are interested in any of the programmes below, we welcome you to write to to register your interest. Thank you for your support.

Capacity Building




Community Leaders’ Conference


Community Leaders’ Conference is organised by to engage community leaders on current trends and developments pertaining to race and religious relations, as well as provide a capacity-building platform for community leaders, religious groups and educators.

Engagement with IRCCs

Cultural Learning Journeys


The Cultural Learning Journeys aims to provide an overview of the racial and religious harmony in Singapore to various communities and groups. The learning journey also includes curated and guided visits to different cultural and religious sites where participants can have a greater awareness, deeper understanding; reflecting on major historical incidents that had an impact to the state of Racial and Religious Harmony in Singapore. It also aims to highlight the significance of preserving such Harmony; through the promotion of social cohesiveness and integration among the different communities in Singapore.

Facilitation Workshop


The Facilitator Workshop aims to equip the IRCC members with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to facilitate inter-racial and inter-ethnic discussion among their residents. Participants are also expected to be given ample practical and hands-on practice sessions with relevant case studies and facilitation frameworks.

Mediation Workshop


The Mediation Workshop aims to address possible ground tensions and inter-ethnic issues. Members learn about steps to peaceful dispute resolution and ways to foster better relationships.

Engagement with Educators

Racial Harmony Forum


The programme, in collaboration with MOE will give an opportunity for a safe space for School Leaders and Educators to explore elements of the community which contribute towards the building the strength of our social fabric through experiential learning journeys.



The programme gives an opportunity for a safe space for educators and community groups to explore elements of the community which contribute towards the building the strength of our social fabric.  Participants embark on an experiential learning journey and engage in conversations with community stakeholders on site. The reflective observation and narratives gathered will form the basis for reflections and how can this be applied in our daily lives.

Public Engagement

Experiential Conversations

Regardless of Race Dialogues Experiential Conversations provides an avenue for frank and constructive discussion on deeper issues about race in a trusted and safe space. Held in an informal setting, the programme aims to explore one’s openness to ethnic and religious diversity and enhance individual’s  understanding of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations. The engagement model of an Experiential Conversations comprises of establishing norms of respect, trust and confidentiality within the group setting, taking an on the spot survey which gauges one’s openness to diversity and bringing forth diverse views and perspectives from the participants.

Regardless of Race- the Dialogue Series provide a platform for people of all backgrounds to share experiences, ideas and views on social cohesion in Singapore. The dialogues aim to encourage robust yet respectful conversations exploring tough issues, ground concerns, social norms and aspirations.

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