Race against Racism

The Orange Ribbon Run (ORR) is’s signature event

to rally the community to make a stand against racism

and promote understanding, appreciation and trust

among Singapore’s multi-cultural and multi-religious society.

Race Against Racism 2016 – Highlights

Orange Ribbon Celebrations is a ground up movement to promote racial and religious harmony. Since the 1990s, the Orange Ribbon has been adopted by countries and groups of individuals as the symbol of harmony, equality and freedom. In Singapore, the Orange Ribbon is adopted as a symbol of respect, understanding, trust and friendship.

The Orange Ribbon Run is a signature event and focal point to promote understanding, appreciation and trust among Singapore’s multi-cultural and multi-religious society. The Orange Ribbon Run is gaining momentum as a people’s movement.

Being Singapore’s only Run against Racism, we call on Singaporeans to come together and make a stand. The Orange Ribbon Run provides an excellent avenue for the silent majority to speak up and show support for the cause.

We invite you to became a supporter for Race Against Racism. 

Sponsorship Entitlements

This year, we like as many corporate to come on board to support the cause. You can support in the following ways.

  • Being a sponsor
  • Send a contingent to the race;
  • Promote Race Against Racism at your offices or retail outlets with flyers, posters and posting messages on social media channels.
  • For significant donations above $10,000. will be able to customise the sponsorship entitlements.
  • Donations-in-kind will be recognized as in-kind sponsors.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

To find out more, contact Judy at

Orange Ribbon Run is spearheaded by together with its partners namely, the Community Development Councils (CDCs), Self-Help Groups, People’s Association, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and Ministry of Education (MOE).

Display the Orange Ribbon partner logo

The logo carries the words “A Partner of the Orange Ribbon Run” and can be displayed at all events with a racial and religious harmony theme. Partners can submit their events to the Orange Ribbon Run Master Calendar and use this logo on their backdrops and other event publicity and collaterals to spread the movement.

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Wear The Orange Ribbon throughout the month of July

The Orange Ribbon comprising a band at the heart of its design symbolizes unity and the interwoven values of respect, understanding and trust that underpin racial and religious harmony. The ribbons are sold at cost price of $0.50 cents each. It should be worn to show support for racial and religious harmony. We encourage you to support the Orange Ribbon drive.

Wear Orange on Racial Harmony Day

Join us to bathe the country in orange on Racial Harmony Day on 21 July. Wear an orange outfit or display any orange accessories to show your support and celebrate Singapore as a racially harmonious nation built on rich diversity of culture and heritage. Orange being the colour of warmth, harmony and brotherhood embodies our commitment to racial and religious harmony.


What's Your Story? Photo Blurb Competition 2012

Participate in “What’s Your Story?” Online Photo-Blurb Competition

The “What’s Your Story?” online photo blurb competition is a key feature of the Orange Ribbon Run. The competition, launched in May, aims to motivate our community to share stories of cross-cultural ties in line with the theme of the year’s Orange Ribbon Run. Winners will receive their prizes at the Orange Ribbon Run Finale in July. We would like to encourage as many residents to participate in this initiative competition.

For more details on Orange Ribbon Run, call us at 6253 3285 or email us

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