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Image3The Community Engagement Leadership Programme was conducted successfully for 400 students over a period of five months. Most of the students were 17 through 18 years of age studying in the local Post Secondary Education Institutions (PSEI) and Junior Colleges.   There are three key components to CELP namely, a visit to the Internal Security Department (ISD) Heritage Centre, the Explorations in Ethnicity Basic Course and the Peer Sensing Workshop.

Image2Another key learning point was the learning of acceptance, appreciating diversity and understanding that unity is imperative for a prosperous and cohesive society. Many of the participants learnt to suspend their judgement and have an open mind. 

Image1The participants also learnt conflict and peer mediation during the session on Peer Sensing. Through role play and simulated scenarios, the participants learnt how to be a good listener and practiced empathy. The participants learnt basic skills in conflict mediation. will continue to run CELP as a key programme for student leaders where they will drive the racial harmony efforts a peer-to-peer engagement where they will lead the movement in the school community.

“Aware of external and internal threats that can disrupt the peace of the country and how to manage threats.”

– Haidah Bte Sharin, Tampines Junior College

“The knowledge that I have learnt will be applicable in my life. For instance, conflict management, respect and understanding of our diverse community.”

– Ong Zhao Yong, Pioneer Junior College

“I gained a deeper understanding of other races and religions.  This will certainly facilitate better cohesiveness.”

– Ryan Tan, St Andrews JC

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