Camp Ignite! 13 – 14 June 2016

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In today’s increasingly globalised society, it is important for our younger generation to strengthen cross-cultural understanding and forge friendships beyond their comfort zones. This helps solidify trust between our diverse communities. 

Over the years, OPSG has groomed a core group of youth racial harmony ambassadors who has undergone CampTeen: Youth Racial Harmony Ambassadors Programme and are actively volunteering at The Committee Members driving this initiative are made up of entirely youth wing volunteers, comprising 14 Camp Teen Alumni members and a staff mentor from OPSG. All major roles are undertaken by the volunteer planning committee which include programme conceptualisation and implementation, and administration of camp operations such as assigning camp commanders, assistant camp commanders, facilitators and logistics and game coordinators to ensure the smooth running of the Camp. For additional support on facilitation and strengthening safety and security, OPSG will be engaging a certified camp vendor to assist in the camp.

 The key outcomes of the camp will include:
  • A deeper sense of appreciation of our multi-cultural society;
  • A deeper understanding of the different cultures through the activities and from their newly found friends;
  • Stronger understanding of the values in the VIA framework and a possible action plan to champion racial and religious harmony in their schools.
 Targeted at Secondary School Leaders:
  • to create a platform for youths of different races, religions and nationalities to build camaraderie and forge new friendships;
  • to enhance appreciation and understanding of the different cultures and religions in Singapore;
  • to enhance students’ social competencies in a diverse multi-racial environment
  • to inspire students to demonstrate Values in Action (VIA)
The theme – Ignite! calls on youths to come forward to commit in making a friend of a different race or to understand more about another culture and ignite the spark for the future of Singapore’s harmony. Students will undergo a 2D1N residential programme interacting with youths from diverse backgrounds including SAP and international schools. The Camp will offer a rich multicultural learning experience as well as develop team building and leadership skills. Students can look forward to heritage explorations, outdoor adventure, enrichment activities and experiential learning.

Throwback to Camp Ignite! 2015

“It was amazing and lot of fun, good learning experience.”
“It allowed us to get out of our comfort zone and made friends with people of other races and got to learn more about their culture.”
“We managed to understand cultures betters so that we could better understand the challenges of other communities.”
– Camper of Camp Ignite 2015
Event Details

Date: 13 – 14 June 2016
Fees: $20 (Includes meals, transport, accommodations)
Venue: Sariumbun Scout Camp /

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