Basic Counselling Skills Workshop (Mandarin), 24 Oct 2015

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Organised by, the 1-day workshop aims to enhance the ability of the community leaders to exercise and convey empathy in possible scenarios on the ground. This workshop will equip the community leader with a set of skills which will enable him or her to accurately communicate empathic understanding and work towards positive conflict resolutions.

Workshop Objectives

  • To enhance the ability of the participants to exercise and convey empathy in racially-charged scenarios they might encounter in their line of work.
  • To develop critical listening and questioning skills in conveying emphatic responses effectively

Workshop Outline: 

1. How to develop empathy

  • With the help of the trainers, participants will develop their ability to identify people and understand their emotions. Areas covered will include:
    • Understanding feelings and dynamics in relationship 
    • Discovering how one’s values and belief can (subtly) affect one’s ability to relate to people and how to manage this. 
    • The use of focused imagination to step into the shoes of others, thereby developing empathy 

2. Emphatic Listening and Responding Techniques

  • Participants will be taught techniques that serve to help them listen and respond emphatically

3. Discussions & Role-play

  • Based on case studies, participants will take turns to role-play various situations in order to practice and refine the skills learnt.


To find out more, kindly contact your IRCC coordinator or at 62533285

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