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The idea for the Central Singapore Joint Social Service Centre (CS JSSC) was first mooted by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong (then Prime Minister) in 1996. He envisioned a joint body that would enable Self-Help Groups and community organisations to pool resources and draw on synergies to reach out to all Singaporeans.

Rising to the challenge, the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) – Chinese Development Assistance Council, Yayasan Mendaki, Singapore Indian Development Association, The Eurasian Association, Singapore and Association of Muslim Professionals worked together with the Central Singapore Community Development Council to have the CS JSSC operational by 1997.

The CS JSSC played a purposeful role in providing social services and enrichment programmes reaching out to all ethnic groups. Since inception, the Centre had reached out to thousands of children, youth and the elderly of all races in the community.

To OnePeople.sg

OnePeople.sg was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in May 2007.

OnePeople.sg was established in 1997 to promote racial harmony and spearhead programmes and initiatives to bring the different ethnic communities together. Formerly known as the Central Singapore Joint Social Service Centre, the organisation was repositioned and given a new identity – OnePeople.sg. On 27 May 2007, OnePeople.sg was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as an organisation that champions racial harmony initiatives in Singapore.

OnePeople.sg aims to facilitate deeper understanding of race relations. Our youth driven initiatives foster an appreciation for diversity and nurture cross-cultural exchanges. We provide a conducive environment for youths from different cultural backgrounds to learn about diversity, dialogue, build friendships and lead racial harmony efforts. Our desire through these approaches is to develop youths to be advocates and ambassadors.

OnePeople.sg community engagement programmes serve to build capacity among stakeholders. These include educators, community, religious and grassroots leaders and members who have a significant influence on community relations. Our programmes are tailored towards gearing our stakeholders to better understand issues, trends and developments concerning community integration. We provide capacity building programmes in areas such as religious diversity, conflict resolution, ground sensing and new media engagement to enhance ground efforts.

Our Founding Members


Management Committee

With its membership of community organisations and adopting a many-helping-hands approach, OnePeople.sg brings Singaporeans together as one people regardless of race, language or religion. OnePeople.sg aims to be a fermenting ground for ideas and resources, and further strengthen our bonds and friendship by providing one platform for individuals and organisations to work together on issues relating to race and religion.

  • Dr Janil Puthucheary
    Dr Janil Puthucheary Chairman

    Senior Minister of State
    Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Communications and Information

  • Mr Gerald Balendran Singham, BBM(L)
    Mr Gerald Balendran Singham, BBM(L) Adviser

    Global Vice-Chair & ASEAN CEO
    Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP

  • Mr S. Vivakanandan
    Mr S. Vivakanandan Secretary

    Executive Chairman
    PSB Academy Pte Ltd

  • Mr Pok Cheng Chong
    Mr Pok Cheng Chong Treasurer
  • Mdm Rahayu Mahzam
    Mdm Rahayu Mahzam Member

    Senior Parliamentary Secretary
    Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Law

  • Mr Tan Yap Kin
    Mr Tan Yap Kin Member

    Executive Director
    Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC)

  • Ms Crystal Teng Bee Kim
    Ms Crystal Teng Bee Kim Member

    Membership & Partnership Division, Partnership Group
    People’s Association

  • Mdm Zuraidah Abdullah
    Mdm Zuraidah Abdullah Member

    Chief Executive Officer
    Yayasan Mendaki

  • Mr Anbarasu S/O Rajendran
    Mr Anbarasu S/O Rajendran Member

    Chief Executive Officer
    Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA)

  • Ms Yvonne Pereira
    Ms Yvonne Pereira Member

    2nd Vice-President
    The Eurasian Association, Singapore

  • Mr Mohksin Rashid
    Mr Mohksin Rashid Member

    Executive Director
    Association of Muslim Professionals

  • Mr Sarjit Singh s/o Sarmukh Singh, BBM(L)
    Mr Sarjit Singh s/o Sarmukh Singh, BBM(L) Member

    District Councillor
    Central Singapore Community Development Council

  • Mr Azman Mohd Ariffin
    Mr Azman Mohd Ariffin Member

    District Councillor
    North East Community Development Council

  • Mr Goh Peng Hong, BBM
    Mr Goh Peng Hong, BBM Member

    District Councillor
    North West Community Development Council

  • Mr Mohamed Irshad
    Mr Mohamed Irshad Member

    District Councillor
    South East Community Development Council

  • Mr Christopher Gordon
    Mr Christopher Gordon Member

    District Councillor
    South West Community Development Council

  • Ms Jennifer Yin Ling
    Ms Jennifer Yin Ling Member
  • Mr Puvan Ariaratnam
    Mr Puvan Ariaratnam Member

    Project Director
    Education and Career Guidance
    Ministry of Education

  • Dr Mathew Mathews
    Dr Mathew Mathews Member

    Head of Social Lab
    Principal Research Fellow Institute of Policy Studies
    Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
    National University of Singapore

  • Mr Mohamed Nasim S/O Abdul Rahim, PBM
    Mr Mohamed Nasim S/O Abdul Rahim, PBM Member

    Vice Principal
    Marsiling Secondary School

  • Ms Susanna Kulatissa
    Ms Susanna Kulatissa Member

    Creative Director
    So Drama! Entertainment

  • Ms Jennifer Lewis
    Ms Jennifer Lewis Member

    Communications and Engagement
    Temasek Foundation

Our Annual Report

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Our People

Mr Chiang Wei Hong

Executive Director
DID +65 62500813

Mr Ramesh Ganeson

DID +65 62596441

Mr Sasi Kumar

Senior Manager
DID +65 62533285

Mr Annas Mahmud

Programme Manager (Public Education and Resource Development)

DID: +6562592533

Mr Raja Hamzah Raja Zulkifli

Programme Manager
(Youth Outreach)

DID: +6562533297

Ms Juliza Asral

Programme Manager
(Community Engagement)

DID: +6562590014

Ms Serene Ton

Finance Executive
DID: +6562531781

Mdm Sree Ranjini Thillagan

Executive Assistant
(Admin & Operations)
DID +65 62594116

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